Do you take motorhomes or campervans?

  • Sorry but we don’t consider applications from owners of motorhomes or campervans.

Do you take Abbey or Ace caravans?

  • Sorry but we don’t consider applications from owners of Abbey or Ace caravans made before Swift took over these brands.
  • Please check your weightplate to see if it says Swift or not.  If it does then you may apply to join.

What can I tow?

Can I rally with any Area of the Club?

  • Yes.
  • Provided you’re a member you can rally with ANY Area of the Club not just the Area you’re associated with.
  • That means you can attend ANY of our Rallies.
  • Just remember to show your Membership Card.

Where do I get Sterling and Sprite spares?

  • You’ll find that many components are common with other caravan makes
  • Caravan dealers, breakers etc should be able to help
  • Recent Sterling and Sprite caravans have been made by the Swift Group, so share many components with Swift caravans.

Are you dog friendly?

  • Many our members have at least one dog.
  • Our rallies are certainly dog-friendly, many taking place where there are designated dog walks.
  • As you’d anticipate we ask that dogs are kept on leads and tidied up afterwards.
  • Our National Rally is where our doggy friends meet up with their friends from across the UK.

I’ve bought a vintage Sprite or Sterling caravan?  Can you point me to repairers or offer support with my restoration?

  • Unfortunately we can’t help you directly here.   Some of our members may be able to help.  We’d suggest asking in the Sterling and Sprite Owners Facebook group and in retro and vintage caravan groups you’ll also find on Facebook.
  • As a Sprite or Sterling owner we’d love to see you join us.

Rallies: What’s provided?

  • Drinking water facilities
  • Somewhere to empty your toilette cassette

Rallies: What do we need to bring?

  • A bottle opener
  • A torch
  • Some ramps or lengths of wood so you can get level on an uneven field are useful
  • A bin bag to take your dry rubbish home
  • On most of our UK Rallies you will need your own toilet and shower facilities.
  • A fully charged leisure battery (this will last a weekend provided you are sensible).

Rallies: Optional

  • Many of our members have bought solar panels or generators, often to ensure they have enough power in their battery for their motor movers when they get home.
  • If you have an older caravan you can change most of your lights to LED.

Can my friends join us on a rally? – they don’t have a qualifying caravan

  • Only members may bring their caravans on our rallies
  • Sometimes there are commercial sites nearby they could pitch at

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