2020 rallies

We’ve just published a first version of our 2020 programme at https://spritesterlingswift.org.uk/rallies-2020

Come and join us!


Our rallies generally start on a Friday afternoon and end when the last person leaves on a Sunday teatime.

At most of our rallies we will put up a marquee where we gather on an evening and for a coffee morning on the final day.  Don’t worry if that’s not your thing – we’re a relaxed lot and won’t mind if you choose not to get involved.

On the majority of our UK rallies you will need your own toilet and shower facilities.  A torch and some ramps or lengths of wood so you can get level on an uneven field are useful.  You’ll also need a bin bag to take your dry rubbish home – we’re environmentally responsible too!


A fully charged battery will easily last a weekend (provided you are sensible).  Many of our members have bought solar panels or generators, often to ensure they have enough power in their battery for their motor movers when they get home.  In the colder months we try to find rally fields with electric hook ups.

However you caravan, fellow members will be on hand with a warm welcome, hints, tips, and support – ideal for first timers.

New name

Earlier in 2018 we decided to open applications for membership to owners of Swift touring caravans.  To reflect this we are undergoing a rebrand.  Our new name is the Sprite Sterling Swift Caravan Owners Club.  A new logo is being prepared and will be shared soon.